Australian Open of Surfing–Manly Beach澳洲曼利海灘6000人公開滑浪比賽
27/02/2016 09:00
LOT 7181 S Steyne, Manly NSW, Australia
# Sport & Health
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12/07/2016 07:00
Australian Open of Surfing – Manly Beach Australian Saturday 27 February 2016 to Sunday 06 March 2016 Mix the world's best surfers, skateboarders, music and lifestyle, all for free and all on Manly Beach, and you get the Australian Open of Surfing! The World Surf League's (WSL) best will hit Manly Beach on 27 February 2016 to launch the country's largest surf, skate, music and lifestyle festival, the Australian Open of Surfing. The festival will celebrate skateboarding, music, and lifestyle and will incorporate WSL-sanctioned QS 6000 Men's and Women's Pro events as well as the Sydney Grom Challenge event for Juniors. The Australian Open of Surfing festival combines world-class athletes, artists and fans in a celebration of youth culture, innovation and athleticism at Manly Beach - the birthplace of modern surfing.


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