National Hot Dog Day at The Soda Factory
23/07/2016 00:00
38 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
# 飲食新蒲點
13/07/2016 08:00
The Soda Factory are famed for their long standing passion for the hot dog, serving up gourmet versions on a daily basis, not to mention their weekly, wallet-friendly food-feast Dollar Dogs. They’ll be celebrating National Hot Dog day at the same time as the USA, on Wednesday 23rd July, hosting their inaugural Soda Factory Hot Dog eating competition with some epic prizes to be won. There will be five limited edition gourmet Hot Dogs available on the night as well as their weekly Wednesday $10 Buckets of Fried Chicken & $1 Hot Wings. National Hot Dog Day National Hot Dog Day celebrates one of America’s best loved foods. It is of course the mighty Hot Dog. At the BBQ, the baseball game and even the street corner, Americans consume so many Hot Dogs, in so many venues, that the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (Yes they exist!) is wary to forecast a true number of dogs eaten each year. They guesstimate 837 million packages of Hot Dogs are sold each year, plus an additional 24 million dogs at baseball stadiums. The Aussies aren’t too far behind with their love affair with the meaty treat. The sausage sizzle, the snag, and of course the good old sausage roll are long established Australian institutions. Aussies chow down on around 598 million sausages a year.


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