Vivek Mahbubani美式中文棟篤笑之乜差咁好笑 Vivek Mahbubani American-style Cantonese Stand up Comedy: An Indian made in Hong Kong
05/03/2016 21:30
# 音樂與戲劇
13/07/2016 12:00
節目內容: 主辦:Vivek Mahbubani 策劃:香港兆基創意書院 場地贊助:香港藝術發展局 日期及時間:4-5/ 3/ 2016 (星期五至六), 7:30pm, 9:30pm 地點:香港兆基創意書院 多媒體劇場 票價:$280 Vivek Manbubani是一位香港土生土長的印度裔棟篤笑星,能操流利廣東話,擁有雙重身分,既是本地人,亦可扮作外國人。他將以文化錯摸為題材,向觀眾大放笑彈。 本節目為「創意實驗室 – 創意書院藝術場地資助計劃 (第二階段)」入選節目單位之一 「創意實驗室 – 創意書院藝術場地資助計劃 (第二階段)」入選節目設套票優惠,,同時購買下列其中2個節目的正價門票,可獲8折優惠;同時購買下列3個節目的正價門票,可獲7折優惠: 26-28/2/2016 TOMOTO 《一路不好走》 4-5/3/2016 Vivek Mahbubani《Vivek Mahbubani 美式中文棟篤笑之乜差咁好笑》 10-12/3/2016 梁立珠、黃定邦 《小丑原住民》 其他入選節目資料,請瀏覽 門票於2月1日起在城市售票網發售 網上購票 信用卡電話購票:2111 5999 流動購票應用程式My URBTIX (Android及iPhone/iPad版) 購票 票務查詢:3761 6661 節目查詢:6998 4835 網頁 工作坊 美式棟篤笑工作坊 日期:5/ 3/ 2016 (星期六) 時間:4:00pm – 6:00pm 地點:香港兆基創意書院 多媒體劇場 名額:20* 對象:中學生或任何對棟篤笑有興趣的朋友 語言:廣東話 費用全免 *工作坊參加者可於當晚7時30分免費欣賞《Vivek Mahbubani美式中文棟篤笑之乜差咁好笑》 工作坊內容 Vivek Mahbubani (阿V)的工作坊將提供初學者一個平台了解幽默及棟篤笑精髓。 (1) 幽默是什麼?我能夠擁有嗎? 阿V覺得每一個人都有幽默之處,關鍵是先明白什麼是幽默及找出自我幽默之處。阿V將由淺入深解釋不同令人歡笑的元素及典型個案。 (2) 創意思維 此工作坊會啟發你用新角度去看同一件事,加強創思考,令沉悶事件變得更加有趣和更有意義,讓參加者明白不同創作技巧以加強幽默的基礎。阿V將帶領大家透過不同作業尋找出不同幽默靈感。 (3) 演繹技巧 阿V最後會總結各種於台上的演繹技巧,譬如拿咪高峰技巧、表達節奏、身體語言等。阿V將分享個人經驗,他在不同場合面對不同觀眾的分別及竅門。 導師:Vivek Mahbubani Vivek Mahbubani (阿V),是香港土身土長印度藉英語及粵語雙語棟篤笑藝人。 他是 2007 年全港中文楝篤笑大賽冠軍人馬,於 2008年更贏得全港英文楝篤笑大賽冠軍殊榮。 Vivek 曾於亞洲多處演出,包括中國、澳門、馬來西亞、新加坡、馬尼拉、曼谷、斯里蘭卡及印度。楝篤笑表演以外,他亦曾擔任香港電台電視節目《香港故事》主持人及於電影《家有囍事 2009》中演出一角。 2014年,Vivek以香港最惹笑人物之名入選美國Laugh Factory年度搞笑人物全球賽十大。 2015年,Vivek被墨爾本國際喜劇節選為亞洲搞笑代表於「亞洲喜劇特區」演出。 他最愛閱讀《孫子兵法》,而令人更難以置信的是,他最愛的顏色是鮮粉紅色。 工作坊報名: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Presenter: Vivek Mahbubani Curated by: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity Venue Subsidised by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council Date and Time: 4-5/ 3/ 2016 (Fri - Sat), 7:30pm, 9:30pm Venue: Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity Ticket Price: $280 Vivek Mahbubani is a Hong Kong born Indian comedian. Speaking fluent Cantonese means he has a dual-identity where he can pretend to be a foreigner or a local person and in this show he talks about the funny side of being culturally misplaced. This is a selected programme of “A Creative Lab – HKSC Arts Venue Subsidy Scheme (Second Phase)” Package Booking (excluding Theatre Strawberry “The Monologue”) 20% discount on standard price tickets for each purchase of 2 different performances 30% discount on standard price tickets for each purchase of 3 different performances Please go to Here for the detail of other selected programme Tickets are available at Urbtix from 1 February onwards Internet Booking: Credit Card Telephone Booking: 2111 5999 Mobile Ticketing App My URBTIX (Android and iPhone/iPad versions) Booking Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661 Programme Enquiries: 6998 4835 Website: Workshop American-style Stand up Comedy Workshop Date: 5/ 3/ 2016 (Mon) Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm Venue: Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity Quota:20* Target: Secondary school students Language: Cantonese Free Admission *Workshop participates can see the show at 7:30pm on 5 March for free. Content: This workshop is a beginner's guide to understanding humor and the art of stand up comedy. What is humor and how do I get some? Vivek Mahbubani believes everyone can be funny, it's just a matter of understanding humor and finding your own style of comedy. This workshop begins from the basics of comedy -- breaking down different elements that usually make people laugh and showing examples of these concepts. Creative thinking This workshop will also help develop your ability to see things from a new angle and strengthen your creative thinking skills, helping you find inspiration from even the most boring topics and items. By understanding different comedy-writing techniques, it will also build a strong foundation in your script-writing skills. Through classwork and exercises, you will develop your brainstorming skills and generate a list of ideas for your comedy script. Performance techniques The workshop concludes with a brief introduction to different on-stage performance techniques and presentation skills, for example, microphone technique, your rhythm and body language. Vivek will also share some of his personal experiences performing at different shows to a variety of audiences. Tutor: Vivek Mahbubani Vivek Mahbubani is a bi-lingual and Hong Kong-bred stand-up comedian who performs in both Cantonese and English. He was crowned 2007 Chinese and 2008 English Funniest Comedian in Hong Kong and was the host of the TV series “Hong Kong Stories” by RTHK. He appeared in a cameo role for the movie “All’s well, ends well 2009” and is a headliner at TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong. Workshop Registration:



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