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  1. What is Event XO?
  2. Features of EVENT XO
  3. How to search events?
  4. How to share events?
  5. How to buy tickets online?
  6. How to get bonus points?
  7. How to redeem tickets, gifts or cash?
  8. How to check my bonus points?
  9. What are the benefits of registration?
  10. How to register an account?
  11. How to check and edit account?
  12. How to create events?
  1. How to promote events?
  2. How to become a supplier?
  3. How to promote events?
  4. How to manage events?
  5. How to handle guest check-ins?
  6. Import participants EXCEL
  7. Export participants EXCEL
  8. How to setup Flow or Agenda?
  9. How to use the Lucky draw function?
  10. How to share the Gallery?
  11. How to share the Videos?

What is Event XO?

About XO

XO represents the Top and the Best. X stands for Hugs and O stands for Kisses. The origins of X date back to the medieval times when people make promises by kissing a cross and signing X to show sincerity, trustworthy and honestly. O looks like the shape of two arms holding together from high above. Combine the above, XO represents our best service and sincere promises.

Provide the Top Events:

To provide users with the best qualified events, our team will select the best events in the home page which make the users easy to find and view from various events. We expect our users to experience the following features from EventXO platform:

  • Discovery
  • Join Event
  • Enjoy
  • Share Feeling
  • Create Event

Event XO Top 10 Event Awards:

XO Top 10 Event Awards Ceremony will launch every year in Hong Kong. Based on the Quality of Events, Number of XO ‘Like’, Facebook ‘Like’, Share, Participants, Comment and Social Influence etc. Event Generator will get prize of HK$5,000 & Top 10 Event CUP.

The Best Provider Awards

  • Best Venue Provider Award
  • Best Service Provider Award
  • Best Organizer Award

Features of EVENT XO

  • Global event platform for sharing, promotion, planning and management.
  • Manage multiple events in real-time
  • Gain Advantage from Viral Marketing – get visibility and buzz around the internet
  • Base of social network marketing
  • Collect data of Audience and Participants
  • An Enhanced Customer List
  • Bonus point for increase customer retention
  • Share photos, Videos and Documents
  • Easy to handle the ticket sale
  • Support both public and private events
  • QR Code guest attendance
  • Auto email alert participants
  • No hardware & OS limitation
  • Can generate more than 30 analysis reports
  • Connect to professional Member System-SUGARCRM
  • Cut the promotional costs and lower down the advertising expenses
  • Team Communication & Share information.
  • Easy to find Venue and service supplier


Easy to use, highly efficiency & security register with integrated payment support credit cards & other payment method.


Share & Promote the event in facebook, We-chat & e-mail to get high impression & ticket of attendance.


Support Credit Card, AE, Ali-pay, Ten-pay & Octopus. Low fees & you can have attendees pay it.

Guest & Members

Gather details about your Participants in one place in loyalty.

Coupon & Gift Card

Increase sales and brand awareness by creating your own customized coupon & gift cards, featuring your logo.

Count Down

Remind the schedule of organizer teammate, well planning & preparing management though system.

Google Map

Venue location can Search & Explore, Directions, Trip planning & Street View

Photo Album

Create & Share multi-album Participants can download in mobile or share to social media anytime

Multi-Event Management

Automatically monitor all your event with the added ability to promote between events with speed.

Analytics & Reports

Comprehensive data & insights about your business summarized for your easy understanding, income and stay organized with 24/7 access to your dashboard & reports.


Security, Accuracy, Efficiency, and Systematic Check in your attendees or scan tickets using the barcode scanner. Sell tickets and manage orders at your event.

Mobile & Tablet

Without limitation of OS & Device. PC, Mobile & Tablet, ticket can buy anywhere. View real-time reports wherever you go.

Share Events

Event XO platform encourages people to create events, earn bonus points and redeem the free gift, ticket or cash through sharing. Everyone can share the event or festival of big holiday or weekend to discover, participate, enjoy and share events in Event Xo. We have divided events into 18 categories which included Art & Culture, Music, Charity, Technology, Exhibition & Business, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink, Hobbies & Workshops, Kid & Family, Wedding, Parties, Pet and Religion. Users can select their favorite events by category.

Promotion Platform

Event X.O. is a powerful tool that helps to publish the top events to various Multimedia such as Google, Yahoo, large Forum, Facebook, Instagram even let famous Blogger propagate your event. Through publicity, your event will become popular and build credibility and awareness for your event.

Planning Event

All elements in the event are well prepared in the early stage since Event XO provide Flow & Agenda setting, editing event, free document storage functions. All your WORD, EXCEL, Power-point, photo from last event, video, trailer and promotional film are easily saved and shared even if document version has changed.

Event Management System

A powerful management System consists of 18 types of management functions and 2 types of functional services which include as below:

1. Create Events

Create in detail or by cateogry

2. Event Flow

Easy to organize the event by agenda

3. Sponsorships

Sponsor’s list , icon and website will be shown in the event

4. Navigation

Using ‘Google Map’ in the smart phone to find the location

5. Countdown reminder of event

Reminds by email or flow chart

6. Setting Tickets

Types of Ticket

7. Management

Manage of participants and guests by using importing and exporting EXCEL

8. Online Ticketing

Accept Visa , Master, AE, Unionpay, Octopus Card, Alipay and Wechat for payment

9. Guest Invitation

Inviting guests through different social media

10. Admission & Registration

Supported by confirmation letter, QR code on smart cards and contactless cards

11. Lucky Draw

Estimate the registered guests and the right to participate the luck draw

12. File Storage

Storage space is equal to 25M and no restriction on file types which support Word, Excel, PPT, video and music

13. Gallery and Video

Sharing and Interaction

14. Public and Private

Public and Private your own event, albums and videos

15. Activities Report

More than 10 types of report

16. Facebook

Share, Send

17. Security

Safety Certification on internet, internet broadband reach 250G, free storage space equals to 25M

18. Membership Bonus Points

Search engine for bonus points, special selected promotion plans

19. Support

On-site support on large-scale events

20. Rental service of equipment

Barcode Scanner, computer, Hotspot Wifi, Projectors, Projection curtain and networking

How to use Event XO?

How to Search Event?

Event XO consists of more than 500 events and included more than 18 categories. You can search the event according to your personal preference, festivals, organizers, categories, time period and name of event (support smart phone and tablet).

  • Category (Support multi-filter)
  • Name of the event
  • Event Location
  • Event Date

If you found the events that you are interested, you can copy the ‘link’ to your friends by sharing the content and inviting them to participate.

How to share events?

Three ways to share event:

  • Message: login to system and select the event. Click [COPY LINK] in the bottom of the page to copy the link and send to your friends’ mobile phone or PC through email, SMS, WhatApps, Line, Wechat, Facebook.
  • Facebook share: login to system and select the event. Click [Facebook Share] in the bottom of the page then show in your Facebook Timeline.
  • Publish to Wechat: login to system and select the event. Click [COPY LINK] in the bottom of the page to copy the link of the event and then share to Wechat.

How to buy tickets online?

Purchase Online: After selected the event

1. Select ticket type/price and amount of tickets
2. Input your name and email(must be registered
3. Select payment method
4. Input credit card or payment information

How to get bonus points?

It is very easy to earn diverse bonus points through the following conditions:

  • Create event - 50 points (must be approved by administrator)
  • Share event - 20 points (your link has been clicked over 10 times)
  • Friend Referral – 20 points (your friends purchase the ticket through your share; for one ticket)

Example 1: Easy promotion – create 1 event and share 5 other events (viewed 10 times or more) per day, then can earn 150 points every day. Over one-month, you can earn 4,500 points that is $450. Example 2: Professional promotion – create 3 events and share 15 other events per day. Over one-month, you can earn $1,350 and participate in multiple events for free.

Remarks: Content of creating the event
  • Unrepeatable establishment has been disclosed or similarities in Event XO Post.
  • Specified source from.
  • Event tickets price, Venue, date and time.
  • Enquiry or Buy ticket contact information.

How to redeem tickets, gifts or cash?

Three ways to redeem your reward points:

  • Exchange gift: Click [Gift] in the navigation bar and select your favorite gift.
  • Exchange ticket: Choose to pay via bonus point when buying tickets.
  • Exchange cash: Apply for cash when you have 1000 points or more.

How to check my bonus points?

To check your bonus point, first login to system. Select [Bonus Point] in home page, then you can check your total points and point origin.

What are the benefits of registration?

  • Online Booking Tickets
  • Check all event history or reprint ticket
  • Earn bonus points by buying ticket
  • Earn bonus points by creating event, sharing event and inviting friends to buy tickets.
  • Display more information and photos
  • Become a supplier with zero cost
  • Free to use Event Management System

How to Register?

  • Register on the Main Page, select Personal or Organizational Account
  • Enter E-mail & Password
  • Check e-mail & Click the link to activate the account.
  • Success of registration

How to check and edit account?

  • User Details (Photo Display, User Name, Email, Contact Number, Address, Website)
  • Bookmarks (Record the activities and events that you are interested and view the details afterwards)
  • Tickets (Record the tickets that have been sold and re-print the confirmation letter)
  • Events (Record all the events that have been created which include Public, Private and Unpublished events
  • Account Setting:
    • - Change the user name, email, contact number, address and website
    • - Change Icon
    • - Change Password

How to create events?

  • Basic information
  • Enter the event title
  • Select event type
  • Click the category (support multi category)
  • Upload the event photo.
  • Start & end date time
  • Multi-session record
  • Enter the location
  • Create Event Successfully!!

How to promote events?

An event usually consists of 10 procedures: overall planning, information, planning, division of labour, preparation, invitation, sharing, publicity, conduct, review. Event XO converts the key processes into main functions to cooperate with the organizer for management and making process:

  • Register personal or organizational account
  • Verify e-mail
  • Create event
  • Publicity and invitation: e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook
  • Manage participants list
  • Check in and lucky draw
  • Share to Facebook, Instagram with photos, videos and documents
  • Statistics analysis and report

How to become a supplier?

  • Login
  • Enter [Provider] page
  • click [Register Provider]
  • Input name, select provider types, upload image, input detailed information
  • Finish provider registration after approval

How to promote events?

EVENT XO platform has a large number of members and provide targeted customers:

  • Direct Email Marketing(DEM)
  • Publish your event to EventXO’s homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat.
  • Show your event on the big banners
  • Marked as recommended event in Google, Wechat and large forum.
  • Provide professional marketing promotion supplier. Create tailor-made publicity campaign such as shopping mall show, university promotion, newspaper, magazine. For more information, please contact our promotion department.

How to manage events?

  • Login & click Manage Event
  • Type of Event:
    • Public event
    • Private event
    • Not publish event
  • Event Name, Total Sold Ticket Quantity, Total Sell Amount, Visitor Quantity.
  • Event Detail Page can Preview or Edit event all Basic information such as Description, Photo, Video.
  • Reminder to alert the incomplete information.
  • Ticket Sold & Space, Last transaction date time, Total income.


  • Total Visitors
  • Participants Categories
  • Event Categories
  • Each Session Ticket Order Quantity.
  • Total Sold Tickets
  • Total Amount
  • Facebook Like Quantity (Optional)
  • Participates Attendance Ratio
  • Report

How to handle guest check-ins?

  • Real Time Attendance Management
  • QR Code/Barcode/ Mi-fare Card Reading
  • Search by No./Name/Organization/Table
  • Search by Attend Time
  • Support Filter Function
  • Import Excel Participants List
  • Export Attendance Report

Methods of Admission:

  • Login & click Manage Event
  • Advance Function - Attendance
  • Scanning Barcode Entrance Card/ Mi-fare Card/Wristband/Mobile QR
  • If success, it will pop-up success message with participant detail on -Green color background. Duplicate Attend: Orange color is already attending
  • Add or Edit participant, click Add button and fill new participant information.

Import participants excel

Import participant list

  • Click ‘Manage Event’
  • Click ‘Ticket’
  • Click ‘Import’
  • Click ‘format’ to download format template
  • Select how to handle same ticket(ignore or overwrite)

Export participants excel

Export participant list

  • Click ‘Manage Event’
  • Click ‘Attendance’
  • Clieck ‘Export to excel’


Create event agenda and flows make participants more understand your event. Participants can select sessions they are interested in and participate. Instructions:

  • Enter Flow/Agenda
  • Set start date and time
  • Input the name, date time range and description of the first session, then click [+] to input the second one until all sessions are input(the order of sessions can change by dragging and system will automatically adjust the start time and end time)
  • Finish and preview

Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw can increase excitements on the event. The participants and guests will get more involvements.

  • Projector connect with the computer
  • Guests on the stage can use the tablet to do the lucky draw
  • Only the registered guests can have the right to do the lucky draw
  • The winners’ number will show on the projector screen
  • Winners must have been registered


The event galleries consists of essence photos, memories of event, effort made by the organizer, history of performance and you can download them at any time in EVENT XO.

  • Login Require
  • Create Gallery from event management
  • Set Public or Private
  • Upload Images
  • Download or Share on Facebook

Share Videos

Users can upload format (.mp4) video or link from Youtube. Video can be a trailer, an excited clip from past event or video from famous star or guests. An attractive video will increase your ticket sales

  • Login
  • Create event, input name
  • Set to public or private
  • Upload mp4 video or youtube ID
  • Visitor comment
  • Share to facebook immediately